Founder’s Message

As an educator, I have spent my career working with students of various backgrounds.  The early stages of my career were rewarding as a majority of the students were considered high-achieving honors students. Although I was in an ideal situation, I was eager to embark on a new challenge. The opportunity to work with a group of at-risk youth presented itself and I took advantage of it. I was commissioned to mentor and engage this group using robotics and mathematics. As I began my task of inspiring these youngsters, I began to realize the education divide that exists among the “haves” and the “have nots.” This enlightenment gave birth to G. Kennedy Foundation of which I am proud to be involved.  It is clear that our youths need a program that will: instill high academic expectations needed to help them compete globally; provide mentorship and guidance to encourage and motivate them towards measurable and attainable goals; and, focus on college readiness to afford them access to a great post-secondary education. These principles will be G. Kennedy Foundation’s “GKF” guiding light.

GKF will be the advocate these underrepresented youths critically need. We will address the educational needs of our target population while strengthening and building up our communities.  With these bold initiatives, local schools in the south Florida area will be able to see significant learning gains among its low-performing schools and sub-groups.  Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education is very dear to my heart.  Our Minority STEM Alliance “MSA” will give minority/at-risk youth the opportunity to explore various STEM disciplines in their neighborhood school; consequently, increasing the likelihood of them selecting careers in the technical field.  Through the great sacrifices of others, I have attained a number of my accomplishments.  I seek to provide the same opportunities for the underrepresented youth in South Florida.  I have assembled a tenacious team who shares the values that radiate from the core of this organization. We have answered the cry to enact change through service. The same charge is being extended to you.

Please join us in this enormous quest by donating your skills, talents, and more importantly, monies.  Our fundraising initiatives will help to address critical education challenges faced by all stakeholders who work with our youths.


Gino Kennedy, President